Smilodon Pride: Softpaw

A crucial moment in the developement of a book is finding a title. Even more so if you are looking for a title for an entire collection of books - like our upcoming werecat novels. 


We are intentionally calling this a collection, and not a series. All books will be stand-alone novels, only connected in so far as they are playing in the same universe and the main characters are siblings. Of course, if the books work well and there is demand, there is room for sequels, prequels and crossovers as much as you can wish for. 


So, you can imagine how happy / excited / relieved we were, when last weekend finally something clicked and we had a title for our book collection in our hands - the

'Smilodon Pride'.


Considering that we are writing about a litter or sabretoothed werecats, their adventures and their love-lives, that title makes sense in more than one way. 


The first three books will deal with three different members of the pride, and their 'packnames' will be the individual titles. So, the first book will be 'Smilodon Pride: Softpaw'. I am very excited about this project, and I am really looking forward to sharing more about this with you all. 


January 11th, 2016


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