‘The Blacksmith Prince’ is an old-fashioned, swoon-worthy historical fantasy romance about tender love in a time when history and fairy-tales were one and the same.



The first book of our Packmasters series is a gripping space adventure about a pack of genetically engineered people on a quest to figure out why they were made the way they are. 



Sunchaser is a non-romance, road-movie-ish urban fantasy adventure novel about a werecat drifter, a wide-eyed human girl and a defective werewolf learning that sometimes, family really is the ones you didn’t pick. 



'Softpaw' is an m/m paranormal romance about cops and rent-boys, werecats and vampires, and the first book of the ‘Smilodon Pride’ collection.



'Loving Djinni' is a charming, screwball-y paranormal m/m romance about ancient magic meeting modern men, and how true love still is the strongest magic of them all.



Lucia ist ein dunkel-romantischer Vampirroman, der seine Heldin auf der Reise durch die Jahrhunderte begleitet - auf der Suche nach ihrer Bestimmung und ihr selbst.



Lovers in Arms is a riveting WWII m/m romace, spanning from the luscioius forests of the Spreewald to the court rooms of Nuremberg.


Upcoming releases


Of course we are working on new books - the next one is never more than a few months away. 


Come have a look at what we are currently working on.


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