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Re: Lucia

Q: Will there be an English translation of Lucia?

A: Not as far as we can see right now. At this moment, we are happily busy writing new books, and we would prefer to do so instead of translating old ones. But who knows, if Lucia sells well, we might reconsider. 


Re: Loving Djinni

Q: When is Loving Djinni going to be published?

A: Right now, we aim for a publication somewhere around late spring / early summer 2016. But we still have to get a lot of work done on the manuscript, so this might be subject to change. 


Re: Smilodon Pride

Q: Is the Smilodon Pride a series? Or a collection of similar stories?

A: It is a collection of stories dealing with the adventures and the love-life of a pride of werecats. Each sibling and their respective partner(s) get one book. So each book is a stand-alone adventure. 

It is possible that we write sequels to those three initial books, but that depends on how (if) those books will actually sell. 


Re: Lovers in Arms

Q: Will there be a sequel to Lovers in Arms? 
A: No. At least - not as far as I can see down our publishing schedule. I love the story, and both Frank and Johann are very close to my heart. But unless inspiration strikes me with a plot that is at least as exciting as the one we have, there won't be a sequel any time soon. 


Publishing FAQ


Q: What formats are your books available as? 

A: All our books are available as softcover (paperback) and ebook. The ebook format depends on where you bought the book - mobi, epub or pdf are the most common versions. 

In any case, if you do not immediately find you preferred format, please let us know. Also, if you need a specialty format (txt for Braille conversion, ie) just drop us a line. 

Q: Why do you selfpublish?
A: It's a different business model, one we are current testing to see if it's a fit for us. Both self-publishing and traditional publishers have their advantages and disadvantages.


Q: I found a typo in one of your books! Why don't you f*ing hire a professional proofreader?
A: Actually, we did. All our books are produced with the greatest care and attention to detail and we only work with accomplished professionals. So if some error slipped us by - we're really sorry. Please let us know in detail what you found - it might be a reason not to employ that particular proofreader / editor again.


Q: Why don't you sell your books via [insert a particular channel]?
A: We have checked all options known to us and ran the numbers. If we don't sell via your favourite, reason is most probably that we wouldn't earn any money through that channel. But please, let us know if you miss us somewhere - maybe we just overlooked something!

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