The Community

We love our books. And if you read them, we love you, too!

Besides - we also love talking about our books. So if you have anything to ask, to say, suggest or critizice: We really want you to get in contact with us! Our readers are our best chance at getting better at what we love to do, and that is telling a good story.


Below, you will find several ways to get in contact with us - find your favourite and drop us a line!



You have a question? Or maybe want a signed copy of one of our books? 

Don't hesitate - write us via

We'd love to hear from you!



Quite often, we're out and about on Twitter, chatting with friends and complete strangers, dropping entirely random bits of our lives.

Come and join in!



We love books, we love talking about then, and not merely our own. Of course we have a Goodreads account!

Come over, have a look at what we've been reading - maybe we can give you ideas.


Writing and selling books these days, you can't get around amazon - naturally we have an author's profile there, as well.



When Beryll is not writing, you can usually find her gaming on Steam. She is always looking for new friends to chat and play with.




One of our earliest haunts on the web was LiveJournal - and still, in many ways, it's our homebase. 


So while this site is the operation base for our professional writing, Beryll in particular is still active on LiveJournal, posting her thoughts, scribbles and general personal news. 


So if you like, have a look at her Journal, and learn what happens in our life besides the books. 




So yes. I caved in and finally made us a Facebook account. 


And you know what? People have been nothing but nice there.


Come over and say 'hi'! 


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