The Brackhaus Promise

All our books come with a promise - that we will not abuse the trust our readers have placed in us by committing their time and hearts to one of our stories. 


We promise a proper ending to each of our books, and a happy one at that. 

Our characters may come from a grisly past, and maybe they will have to go through a lot. But at the end of each of our books, the main characters will be in a good place, safe and happy and healing. We will never end with a cliffhanger. Yes, we may foreshadow future problems, but we will never leave the immediate fate of our characters unclear. 


We promise to treat our characters well. 

If there’s a likeable character in our stories, we will never let them suffer for long. If they find their one true love, they will stay together. If a character finally finds their forever home, they will not lose it. And when something bad happens - at the end of each book, all will be well again. 


All of the above comes from how we feel about reading books ourselves. We feel with the characters, and we suffer with them, badly so. Yes, there needs to be a problem to have a proper story, but there’s a difference between challenges and torture. For us, the joy of reading comes with the exploration of characters, locations and ideas, from the sheer fun of cheering them on while they conquer whatever we throw in their way. 


There is more than enough senseless heartbreak out in the real world already. With our books, we want to add a little more joy, whole-heartedly enjoyable entertainment and, yes, escapism. We want our readers to feel safe, and we promise to honour their trust. 


When you open the covers of one of our books, we promise that things will be well when you close them again.


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(c) Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus