Smilodon Pride Collection

The Smilodon Pride is a collection of interconnected books taking place in the same universe. Eventually, some books will be direct sequels to the events of another, and probably lead to a single, grand finale of all storylines. 


So far, the first two books are published and the third one is announced for 2018: 


This standalone paranormal m/m romance about cops and rent-boys, werecats and vampires is the first book of the ‘Smilodon Pride’ collection.



Sunchaser is a non-romance, road-movie-ish paranormal adventure novel about a werecat drifter, a wide-eyed human girl and a defective werewolf learning that sometimes, family really is the ones you didn’t pick.


It is the second book of the Smilodon Pride Collection, but not a direct sequel to 'Softpaw'.




(coverart coming soon)






Moonstealer is a swashbuckling ff asexual romance novel about werecats, witches, demonists and the reason one always wears lingerie underneath a scuba suit...


Scheduled for late 2018!


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