Malena MCD


Mauve is a pet, a human pleasure slave. He is smart, ambitious, horny – and the only witness in a murder case. Or rather, he is 'evidence'.


Luckily, the crime was committed on Malicorn, where an unsolved murder would disturb its profitable reputation as the safest planet of the Empire. So Mauve ends up in the hands of the Malena MCD, the local Major Crimes Division, run by ex-space-marine Alexej Sirenkov and his brilliant wife Andrea. Unwilling to see him stored in the evidence locker, the Sirenkovs take him home for a few days. And while Mauve hopes they might just be the perfect forever-owners, he has no idea of Mistress Andrea's plans for them...


Written by award-winning authors Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus, 'Malena MCD' is a funny, naughty, police procedural throuple rom-com set in the wildly diverse, hopeful 'Virasana Empire' universe and can be read as a stand-alone.


Warnings: First Person POV, Slavery, MMF threesomes, Graphic Sex Scenes, Violence. And pigs, of course. We're on Malicorn.


The cover of 'Malena MCD', once again by the talented Anna Tif Sikorska.

Where to get the book


'Malena MCD' was published on March 23rd 2023, and is available here, among others:



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