The Bloodied Broom


Lotus Knights don’t get honeymoons, but at least spending some family time on their newly unearthed and fully refurbished spaceship Pebble sounded like a good idea. Until a last-minute mission goes sideways and suddenly Yaden, Colin and their patchwork family come face-to-face with an all but invincible ancient evil.

The harrowing encounter leaves Colin permanently changed, and trying to chart his future path becomes a challenge he had never anticipated.

‘The Bloodied Broom’ is a science fiction space opera adventure, a found family celebration and book #4 of the ‘Sir Yaden’ series.


The cover for 'The Bloodied Broom', once again by Anna Tiferet Sikorska.

Where to get the book? 


'The Bloodied Broom' is available at all usual retailers, for example on





Barnes & Noble


The book was published on February 18th, 2021. 

In case your favourite retailer does not offer the book, please let us know and we'll fix that! 


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