Sir Yaden - The Renegade Psion


“The Emperor cares for each and every one of his subjects.”


Sent to bucolic Shiraz to neutralize a rampaging psion, Yaden and Ivan relish in the prospect of their first mission together as Knight and Squire. But when said psion turns out to be a little girl on the run from the Psions Guild, desperately fighting for her life, their mission objective quickly changes from ‘neutralize’ to ‘protect at all costs’. 


Why is the Psions Guild hunting that girl? Will the movie premiere of ‘Sir Yaden and the Demon of Hagermarsh’ be a success? Are there guild psions left that they can trust? And how is Colin going to juggle this ever-growing patchwork family in their tiny Lotus Pavilion apartment? 


‘The Renegade Psion’ is a planet-hopping mystery adventure, a patchwork family celebration and book #3 of the Virasana Empire: Sir Yaden series.


Expected publication date: 

Early 2020


Current status:

final editing, commisioning cover


Dr. Laurent - The AAG Mutagen


A scholar and courier for the secretive Circle of Thales, Rene Laurent is a man of many talents - none of the lending themselves much to a life of adventure. 


But when a chance meeting with a young Belligra priest embroils him in a wild quest to keep a dangerous mutagen off the streets of Floor, he realizes that maybe fieldwork is more of his game than he had ever thought possible. 


Expected publication date: 

Mid 2020


Current status:

internal editing

Sir Yaden #0.1 - Chrysalis


'Chrysalis' is a Virasana Empire short story, detailing a crucial moment in the life of Sir Yaden. 



Expected publication date: 

Mid 2019


Current status:

internal editing


Dr. Laurent #2 - Werewolf and Foo Dog


Testing his decision to become an agent of the secretive Circle of Thales, Rene Laurent accepts two harmless missions - first one to bucolic Shiraz, second to the thousand island planet of Gui Lin. 


But things are never as harmless as they appear, and while while figuring out the secrets of a werewolf and a foo dog, he figures out more about his own powers, too. Mostly, that they aren't as harmless as he thought them to be. 


So who's the real monster, here?


Expected publication date: 

Late 2020


Current status:

internal editing



A werecat burglar, a british witch, demonists and russian mobsters chasing each other around the Mediterranean, from the rooftops of Cannes, France to the coastline of Morocco.  


This f/f asexual romance novel is going to be the third book in our 'Smilodon Pride' collection and completes the first set. 


Expected publication date:

Late 2019


Current status:

developing, writing


The Laconiad


What if ... the peace summit between Troy and Sparta had taken place in Troy? 


Of course, someone would have been kidnapped, and of course someone would have sworn bloody revenge. 


Meet all the familiar players of the Tojan War in this new, romantic spin on one of the oldest tales. Only this time, they are joined by Queen Penelope, adamant in her resolve to prevent this pointless bloodshed.


Together with her husband Odysseus, the smartest couple of antiquity might just manage to pull it off... 


Expected publication date



Current status




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