The fallout of their first encounter with a real Packmaster has left Ana and her pack reeling. 

So when Vandal’s bestia PI Ten shows up at the Lollipop and asks for help in finding a friend, it’s a great way for them to move forward. On top of that, Ten might just be a perfect addition to Ana’s pack even despite her being a herbivore. 

However, said friend has been captured by the powerful Core World military, who are hunting down bestiae all over the galaxy. Torn between caution and eagerness to help, Ana and her pack agree to a brief scouting mission to the backwater planet of Sullin. 

Of course things turn out a little worse than expected. 

This time, it looks like they have bitten off more than even a carnivore pack can chew. There’s one of Ten’s old friends who might help, but that backstabbing bunny cannot be trusted - and the Core World military has deep, deep pockets… 

This dashing SF adventure novel is the first book of the 'Packmasters' series.


Expected publication date:

October 15th, 2017


Current status:

sending out ARCs


Packmasters #3 - Tomori's Legacy


Viscount Tomori is long dead, but his affairs just don't want to rest peacefully. Ana and her pack set out to unravel his toxic legacy in this third, swashbuckling SF adventure of the 'Packmasters' series. 


Expected publication date:

Spring 2018


Current status:

internel edit, finalizing cover



A werecat burglar, a british witch, demonists and russian mobsters chasing each other around the Mediterranean, from the rooftops of Cannes, France to the coastline of Morocco.  


This f/f asexual romance novel is going to be the third book in our 'Smilodon Pride' collection and completes the first set. 


Expected publication date:

Summer 2018


Current status:

developing, writing




Virasana Empire #1 - The Demon of Hagermarsh



A newly minted Lotus knight in service of the Emperor, Yaden Quetzal is sent to a remote corner of the Empire to figure out the demonic aura emanating from a secluded village.

But what could be demonic about a bucolic place like this? And the young baker across the street is just to cute to be true...


'The Demon of Leichnam' will be our first book in the Virasana Empire series, a sprawling space opera about how saving the universe sometimes is a family affair. 


Expected publication date: 

Autumn 2018


Current status:

internal editing, searching cover artist



The Laconiad


What if ... the peace summit between Troy and Sparta had taken place in Troy? 


Of course, someone would have been kidnapped, and of course someone would have sworn bloody revenge. 


Meet all the familiar players of the Tojan War in this new, romantic spin on one of the oldest tales. Only this time, they are joined by Queen Penelope, adamant in her resolve to prevent this pointless bloodshed.


Together with her husband Odysseus, the smartest couple of antiquity might just manage to pull it off... 


Expected publication date

Summer 2019


Current status




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